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Wall Oven Kenmore Elite
Kenmore Elite Wall Oven Parts

Kenmore Elite Wall Oven Parts

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Kenmore Elite wall ovens bake, broil and heat foods quickly and efficiently. These built-in models are often self-cleaning and easy to operate. Over time, issues can arise with their operation. These commonly include doors that refuse to unlock, problems with baking and a total lack of operation.

Replace the Door Lock Assembly

The door lock assembly is a common cause of doors that become locked and refuse to unlock. If these Kenmore Elite wall oven parts become faulty, it may lead to oven doors that do not open. Check the door lock assembly for obvious signs of wear, and replace it if necessary. If doors continue to stick, a fault with the electronic oven control board may exist. This can lead to the oven thinking it is in child-proof or self-cleaning mode and keeping the door locked.

Inspect the Wiring

Turn off the power to the unit before attempting wall oven repair on wiring components. The wiring between the control board and the door assembly may also lead to doors becoming locked, and these often require replacement. Wiring issues can also prevent power from reaching heating elements or igniters.

Check the Power Connection

Many wall oven parts require a constant electrical connection to operate properly. Inspect the power cord to ensure it remains undamaged and properly connected. Check the circuit breaker for the outlet where the cord connects to the home. If the wiring and power connection both seem to operate properly, a thermal fuse in the system may prevent power flow. Resetting the thermal fuse or replacing it can restore power to the unit.

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