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Kenmore Elite Garbage Disposal Parts

Kenmore Elite Garbage Disposal Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 4 Kenmore Elite Garbage Disposal models

Model 175607931 (30 parts)


Model 175607930 (30 parts)


Model 58770413410 (5 parts)


Model 58770403410 (5 parts)


Kenmore Elite garbage disposals helps you keep your kitchen clean and tidy by grinding up food waste and rising it out of your pipes. Using an in-sink disposal unit reduces odors and the need to take out the garbage as often. Quiet operation aided by Quiet Pak III technology and updated sound insulation packages ensures these units don't disturb the peace of your home during use.

Fast Grinding Speeds

Kenmore Elite garbage disposals feature Magna Torque motors that deliver powerful performance. Fast, efficient grinding that results in finer grounds helps prevent clogs while ensuring even tough messes disappear down your pipes, not sit in your garbage can.

Durable Construction

Stainless steel grinding components in each Kenmore Elite garbage disposal prevent corrosion, even with frequent use. This durable construction ensures your unit stands the test of time, but when issues occur, Sears PartsDirect stocks manufacturer-approved garbage disposal parts that help you repair your unit with ease.

Fast Repairs

Replacement garbage disposal parts from Sears PartsDirect arrive quickly thanks to regionally located warehouses and fast delivery options. Troubleshooting tips, along with diagrams and schematics, help you identify the parts you need without hassle, and repair guides take you through repairs step by step so you can fix problems on your own — no repair technician required.

You depend on your Kenmore Elite garbage disposal to make quick work of kitchen clean up and ensure your space smells fresh and inviting at all times. Keep this key piece of kitchen equipment operating properly with the help of Sears PartsDirect. To get started on your repair, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.