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Washers keep clothes fresh and clean after the dirtiest of days. However, over time washers can stop being as efficient at washing clothes, leaving them looking less than pristine and not smelling their freshest. With these simple maintenance tips, you can avoid this issue and keep your clothes spotless throughout the life of your washer.

Do Not Overload the Washer

Adding overly heavy loads puts unnecessary stress on washer parts, which can degrade motors and gears. Heavy loads also prevents clothes from being properly washed, so they may come out dirty. Leave ample room for clothes to move within the basin, and keep the laundry balanced to prevent further damage.

Clean out Build-Up

For this washer repair help and maintenance tip, clean out your washer with a bleach wash, washing machine cleanser or the machine's self wash cycle. This helps remove much of the build-up in the basin of the machine, which helps prevent odor. Clean any excess built up detergent or softener from cracks and crevices with a soft cloth and washer-safe cleanser, especially in the pump filter.

Use the Correct Amount of Detergent

Avoid using too much detergent for the load to reduce the amount of build-up that clogs up or coats the inside of your washer. Use the amount instructed on your detergent to get clothes clean and let the washer thoroughly rinse the excess soap from the fabrics.

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