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When your wall oven isn't heating properly, it can be a hassle for the whole family. Luckily, Kenmore has a wide selection of parts and repair guides that can help you get back to baking and broiling as soon as possible. These tips can help you quickly figure out what's going wrong with your oven.

Check the Gas Oven Igniter

One of the most common problems requiring wall oven repair is a faulty igniter. The igniter becomes white-hot in order to ignite the gas for the oven burner, but if it's not working properly, your oven won't get hot at all. You can tell if you igniter is faulty because it won't glow when the oven is turned on. When the igniter isn't hot enough, your oven won't even send gas through the gas valve.

Examine the Electric Bake Element

If your oven is electric, the problem could be the electric bake element. If there is no heat in the oven while on bake mode, check to see if there are any breaks in this electric heating coil. If there is any damage to the element, or if the electric connection isn't working, you may need to replace this part.

Test the Oven Control Board

The oven control board is one of many wall oven parts that, if damaged, will prevent your oven from heating properly. In most ovens, this component is located in the same place as the digital clock. If the clock is not working, and the oven won't heat properly, you will likely need to replace the oven control board.

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