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A Kenmore dryer usually provides reliable service, but some dryers begin to have trouble making it through a whole drying cycle without shutting down. If your dryer stops running for no obvious reason, Sears PartsDirect stocks all the parts you need to tackle the problem and get back to trouble-free laundry days.

Replace the Dryer Motor Relay

A dryer that starts up but immediately stops when you release the start button narrows down what dryer repair parts you need. Most problems of this kind are due to a fault in the dryer motor relay that keeps the dryer running after you release the button, and replacing the relay usually fixes this problem.

Replace the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse keeps the dryer from becoming dangerously hot by shutting the dryer down if it begins to overheat, but thermal fuses don't reset and must be replaced if they are tripped. If your dryer suddenly stops and then won't start again, the next step in dryer troubleshooting is to replace the thermal fuse.

Replace the Control Board

A defective control board can cause a dryer to shut down prematurely. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell if a dryer's control board has a problem unless there are obvious signs of damage, such as scorch marks. It is a good idea to have an appliance technician test the board before replacing it, but replacement is the only option if the board is defective.

Sears PartsDirect has thermal fuses, motor relays and control boards to fix stopping problems in many Kenmore residential and commercial dryers. To get the parts you need for your repair, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.