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Professional chefs and at-home gourmands alike need their cooktops performing at their best to turn out the best meals possible. Keeping those ranges working properly requires high-quality Kenmore cooktop parts to ensure each coil element is heating quickly and evenly. Use these tips to ensure smooth operation of your cooktop.

Check the Coil Element

The first step in cooktop troubleshooting is checking to see whether the problem affects all your burners or just one of them. If only a single element is failing to heat properly, the fault may be confined just to that coil. Replacing the coil element can restore the burner to operation.

Examine the Electronic Control Board

As a safety measure, electric burners are governed by an electronic control board under the range top. If any of these are dirty, corroded or visibly damaged, they might need to be replaced. These cooktop parts are responsible for activating the burners they're connected to, so a slight fault anywhere on the board may result in a burner failing to initiate.

Check the Surface Element Switch

The surface element switch is used to activate the burner it's connected to and to control the coil's heat level. This switch is connected to the coil by a relatively simple electrical system, but trouble can sometimes develop here. If the electrical contact points have corroded or detached, the burner might become difficult to ignite or to control.

Sears PartsDirect has a wide range of products to keep your Kenmore cooktop parts working in good order. To ensure you have the right parts for your stove, choose a part from the list above, click to chat with a representative or call 1-800-252-1698 to place an order.