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Keeping your Kenmore Elite washer running at its best is paramount to keeping laundry under control. If your machine is malfunctioning, laundry piles up and quickly becomes a problem. One of the most typical issues with both top- and front-loading washing machines is failure to drain properly. Troubleshooting your washer to find a solution to this problem is easy with these three tips.

Check or Replace the Washer Lid Switch

The washer lid switch is one of the most-often replaced washer parts. If this switch malfunctions, it affects the washer's ability to detect whether or not the lid is closed. If the lid is not closed, the basket cannot spin or remove water effectively from the washer. Replacing the switch may correct drainage problems.

Replace the Washer Control Board

Before calling for washer repair help, consider replacing the washer's main electronic control board. This important component is responsible for operation of the drain pump, drive motor and fill valves, and it also works to control the execution of functions within the washer and the timing of cycles.

Replace or Repair the Drain Pump

Seal or impeller blade failure or seizure of the bearings in the washer's drain pump may cause improper draining of your washer. If the washer makes a humming noise when it is filled with water, the pump may be failing. Clearing the pump of debris, replacing the seals on the pump or correcting any failures in the pump's wiring may solve the issue. Otherwise, the pump may need to be replaced completely.

Easy repairs are possible with the wide inventory of replacement parts for the Kenmore Elite washer carried by Sears PartsDirect. To get started repairing your washer, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.