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You value your Kelvinator dryer because it gives you toasty, warm clothes and helps makes laundry chores easy to accomplish. Sometimes, however, you hear a disturbing noise coming from the dryer and wonder whether it needs repair. Use these troubleshooting tips to figure out what the problem is and return your dryer to its normal quiet operation.

Look for Loose Objects

When you hear a banging or rattling noise coming from your dryer, often it simply means a hard object fell out of the pocket of a garment being dried and is now bouncing around the metal drum. The sound can also be caused by zippers or other metal ornaments hitting the drum as they tumble. Pull out the dried garments carefully, shaking them to loosen any free object, then check the dryer drum. You may find some loose change you can tuck into your own pocket.

Check the Blower Fan Blade

When the blower fan blade spins correctly, it circulates air through the dryer and doesn't make a significant sound. If it's damaged, however, it's one of the dryer repair parts that can cause some real banging and rattling noises. Inspect the blade for damage or breakage, and then replace it if necessary.

Check the Dryer Drum Support Rollers

As the next step in your dryer troubleshooting, check the dryer drum itself. It sits on support rollers that should hold it evenly. If these support rollers allow the drum to sag or to rotate unevenly, the noise you're hearing could be coming from the dryer's drum itself. Try to adjust the shaft or fasteners of the rollers to eliminate the noise, or replace them if necessary.

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