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Perfectly baked cookies fill the house with a pleasant aroma, but burnt cookies don't smell quite so lovely. Jenn-Air wall ovens are designed to sense internal temperature, baking items to perfection. When the oven fails to set to the right temperature, it can ruin your dish and your meal. Follow these simple tips to make sure your meal turns out right every time.

Inspect the Bake Element

Bake elements provide heat from the bottom of the oven and are a common wall oven repair job. Inspect the bake element for damage or breaks. Some bake elements are hidden under a bottom panel. If necessary, remove the panel to inspect the bake element. Test the break element by turning on the oven. If the element fails to heat, it's time for a replacement.

Check for Error Codes

The electronic oven control board displays error codes for common oven problems. The temperature sensor probe detects the internal temperature of the oven and sends the information to the electronic oven control board, which adjusts the heat as needed. If an error code is displayed for malfunctioning wall oven parts, check the owner's manual for information about the code. If the displayed code is for the temperature sensor probe, it should be replaced.

Replace the Control Thermostat

The control thermostat consists of a sensor tube and a sensor bulb on the inside of the oven. These parts connect to the oven control on the control panel. A few simple wires connect the elements. When removing the control thermostat, take a picture of the wiring scheme to make sure you reconnect the wires in the same configuration.

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