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Whether at home or in a commercial establishment, automatic dishwashers add a layer of convenience to modern kitchen work that can be difficult to do without. When your dishwasher stops partway through the cleaning cycle, consider replacing the malfunctioning equipment with Jade dishwasher parts.

Inspect the Control Panel

As the interface between humans and the dishwasher parts that do the work, the control panel gets a lot of use. It is easy to overlook a loose or possibly shorted control panel, but this is a likely source of trouble that can either prevent the dishwasher from working at all or disable it midway through the cycle. Look for a loose connection and stuck buttons on the control panel's face, and replace the part if necessary.

Test the Electronic Control Board

The electronic control board is a common location for serious dishwasher repair. This board controls nearly everything the dishwasher does, from starting up to switching cycles and shutting down on time, so a problem with its delicate circuitry can have unpredictable effects on any of the washer's other components. Have this board professionally tested and replaced if necessary.

Replace the Pump and Motor Assembly

The pump and motor assembly is the heart of a dishwasher. This component is responsible for pushing water through the system, and a malfunction can shut down the washer or cause it to work inefficiently, leaving dishes dirty at the end of a cycle.

Sears PartsDirect offers a wide selection of Jade dishwasher parts that work to ensure reliable performance from your Jade dishwasher. To find the right fit for your needs, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.