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iRobot Vacuum Parts

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Model ROOMBA (10 parts)



Using a vacuum is an easy way to clean floors and other soft surfaces, such as couches, drapes and carpeted stairs. Regular use can lead to clogs and dirty parts, reducing suction and efficiency. To avoid this issue, keep these handy maintenance tips in mind when you use your vacuum.

Clean the Filter

Check any filters in the vacuum and clean them if they are dirty. A simple water wash can remove much of the debris from foam filters and let them work more efficiently. Allow the filters to dry completely before returning them to the vacuum, and replace or repair any damaged or old filters. Gently shaking or tapping the paper filter to clean it.

Check the Brush Mechanism

Check vacuum parts connected to the brush mechanism for hair, dust and long fibers. While fingers alone can clean out much of this debris, you may need a small pair of scissors to remove long fibers that are tightly wound or knotted around the brushes or brush bar. Check the end caps of the bar for extra debris and lubricate with oil if necessary.

Perform General Cleaning

This vacuum repair help tip requires that you remove pipes, tubes and accessories and examine them for excess debris. Gently clean out any clogs or dust with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the materials. Pay extra attention to any items that clean hard surfaces to reduce the risk of scratching wood or laminate.

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