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Landscapers and homeowners rely on Husqvarna riding mower and tractor parts to keep their equipment operating safely and reliably. Power loss is a common problem reported by Husqvarna owners. These three troubleshooting suggestions often fix this issue.

Replace the Filters and Spark Plugs

Filters and spark plugs are crucial riding mower parts. Remove and inspect the filters. If you have reusable filters, clean them thoroughly and reinsert them. Otherwise, replace them. Faulty spark plugs are another common cause of intermittent power loss. Remove the plugs and inspect them for deformation, burns and cracks. Replacing damaged plugs restores consistent power flow throughout the mower and keeps it running reliably.

Clean the Underside

Many mowers and tractors perform unreliably when their undersides are jammed with grass and small branches. Clean the underside of your mower before you seek professional lawn tractor repair help. Lay the mower on its side with the carburetor facing up. This position prevents oil leaks. Spray the undercarriage with a hose fitted with a pressure nozzle attachment. Remove stubborn lingering debris with an ice scraper. Plastic scrapers are ideal because they do not scratch the mower.

Adjust the Cutting Height

Improper cutting height often causes power loss in the middle of operation. To remedy this, measure the grass, and compare that measurement to the cutting settings on your mower. Put the mower on a hard, level surface such as a driveway. Engage the parking brake, turn the mower off, and use a wrench to turn the cutting adjustment knobs behind the seat. Turn the knobs clockwise to raise the cutting height and counter-clockwise to lower it.

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