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Your Hotpoint wall oven comes with various safety mechanisms that you've come to rely on. On very rare occasions, however, the oven door can become locked shut. If this should happen to you, run through these troubleshooting pointers and give Sears PartsDirect a call to remedy the problem.

Check the Oven Mode

Your Hotpoint oven is supposed to lock in certain circumstances. For instance, while the oven is in self-cleaning mode, the door must stay locked. Many ovens also have a child-lock mode to give the homeowner extra reassurance. Before you determine that you need to tackle wall oven repair, check to see what mode your oven is in. Perhaps the door is staying locked for a safety reason.

Check the Door Lock Assembly

It's the job of the door lock assembly to keep the oven closed while in self-cleaning or child mode and to release the door once oven cleaning is completed. If these switches don't happen, you may need to replace the door lock assembly.

Replace the Electronic Oven Control Board

If replacing the door lock assembly doesn't solve your problem, you may have to take a look at other wall oven parts such as the electronic oven control board. This crucial part sits right behind the digital clock and governs the functioning of the wall oven. If the power's on and reaching the wall oven, but the control board doesn't light up, you definitely need to replace this part.

Sears PartsDirect can help you figure out just what parts you need to correct a problem with the door of your Hotpoint wall oven. To get started, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.