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Your Hoover washer makes life so much easier, and you rely on it to keep your household in clean clothes. On rare occasions, though, you may find that the washer isn't spinning or agitating correctly. When this occurs, run through this handy troubleshooting list to diagnose the problem and make the needed repairs.

Inspect the Washer Agitator

The washer agitator is the large plastic piece at the center of the drum of a top-loading washer. As it agitates back and forth, it moves the clothes and helps the detergent do its work. Check to see if the agitator is damaged or broken. If the top of the agitator doesn't ratchet back and forth properly, its inner teeth may be broken. Replace the agitator if needed.

Check the Agitator Dogs

The agitator dogs are small plastic washer parts that control the movement of the agitator. If you notice that the top of the agitator is spinning freely rather than ratcheting back and forth as it should, the problem probably lies with the agitator dogs, which need to be replaced.

Check the Washer Drive Belt

In some washing machines, a drive belt transmits the motion from the drive motor to the agitator and the spin basket. If you can tell that your washer's motor is working but you don't see the basket spinning or the agitator moving, possibly your drive belt is broken. Sears PartsDirect can provide washer repair help if you need some advice on how to replace the drive belt.

Sears PartsDirect is waiting to give you a hand if your Hoover washer stops spinning or agitating properly. Once you've defined the problem, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.