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Hitachi Leaf Blower Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Hitachi Leaf Blower models

Model RB24EAP (86 parts)



Homeowners and landscapers rely on high-powered Hitachi leaf blowers to clear lawns quickly. If your leaf blower smokes or experiences operational problems, there may be a problem with the engine or fuel system. Use these steps to troubleshoot the issue and find potential solutions.

Re-Mix the Fuel

Drain and refill the fuel tank before you replace any leaf blower parts. An incorrect gas-to-oil ratio can cause smoke to pour out of the leaf blower's engine; a mix that is too old may contain water, which makes the engine sputter. Consult your manual to find the correct ratio and proper mixing process.

Check for Physical Damage

Damage to the engine, fan or fuel system can cause leaks and loud vibrations. If the engine does not run well on fresh gas and oil, turn it off and continue your leaf blower troubleshooting with a careful physical inspection. Look for holes or cracks in the fuel lines, and ensure that the lines are connected securely. Examine the fan assembly for bent edges, and replace the fan blade if you see any damage. Finally, check the fuel filter for grease buildup.

Examine the Carburetor

If your leaf blower continues to experience problems, examine the carburetor for signs of debris buildup or damage. A faulty or dirty carburetor can cause smoking, failure to start, rough running or unusual vibrations. Replace the carburetor with a new assembly, or rebuild your current system.

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