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Hedstrom Bicycle Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 3 Hedstrom Bicycle models

Model 9-548 (50 parts)



Model 9-5070 (47 parts)



Model 28-2225 (49 parts)



Hedstrom bicycles have been a household name since the early 1900s, when they were first designed by Oscar Hedstrom and the Indian Motorcycle Company. Today, many bicycle collectors and riding enthusiasts are still enjoying these classic bikes, complete with elongated handlebars and oversized reflectors. To maintain the quality of your bike, it is important to perform all repairs with authentic Hedstrom bicycle parts, which can be conveniently ordered through Sears PartsDirect.

Hedstrom 16" Sidewalk Bike Parts

Hedstrom 16" sidewalk bikes are crafted with safe gripped handlebars, comfortable seats and two sturdy tires that are ideal for sidewalks and smooth paved streets. While these bikes are definitely built to last, normal wear and tear can lead to minor issues that require simple repairs or replacements. When the time comes for a new part, Sears PartsDirect carries a wide selection of bicycle repair parts ranging from chain guards and washers to durable hub covers.

Hedstrom 24" 3-Speed Tri-Wheel Bike Parts

The Hedstrom 24" 3-Speed tri-wheel bicycle features a unique three-wheel design and a convenient end basket that is the perfect size for shopping bags and small boxes. If you require bicycle repair parts to keep your bicycle in tip-top shape, look no further than Sears PartsDirect. With everything from replacement nuts to lock washers, Sears PartsDirect has just the part you need.

Fast Delivery of Hedstrom Bicycle Parts

With several parts warehouses located throughout the United States, Sears PartsDirect can ship your parts in a timely fashion. When you place your order, your sales representative locates your parts and quickly confirms a shipping date, so you can get started on your repairs as soon as possible.

To get your Hedstrom bike repaired and back on the road, place an order today with Sears PartsDirect. Simply select from the model list above, click on the "Chat" icon, or call 1-800-252-1698.