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Halo Vacuum Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Halo Vacuum models

Model UV-ST3290 (2 parts)



Tracked in dirt and debris can be tough on carpets. Frequent vacuuming can preserve the life of a carpet and keep your floors looking new by sucking up dirt and debris before it has a chance to become ground in. If your vacuum loses its suctioning power, these simple fixes can have it working like new again.

Replace the Bag

The vacuum bag is one of the essential vacuum parts. Periodic replacement of full or torn bags can help maintain the suctioning power of the vacuum. Open the cover and remove the old bag from the unit. Insert the replacement bag, making sure the opening fits securely over the hose before replacing the cover.

Unclog the Hose

One vacuum repair help tip for when the vacuum doesn't suction properly is to check the vacuum hose for clogs. Foreign objects can become lodged in the hose and obstruct the air flow. Turn off the vacuum and visually inspect the inside of the hose for any obstruction. Remove the obstruction and continue to clean your floors.

Replace the Suction Motor

Suction is created by the rotation of a fan ran by a suction motor. If the motor fails to operate, the vacuum loses its suctioning power. Replace the motor by removing the exhaust filter cover and canopy hood. Unscrew the motor cover and lift the motor out, observing the position of the attached wires. Remove the wires and connect them to the new motor. Replace the motor in its housing and test its operation by turning on the vacuum and cleaning the floor.

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