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Haier dryers make it possible to throw away your clothesline in favor of freshly tumbled linens and clothing delivered in a fraction of the time. Keeping your dryer properly maintained eliminates issues with operation, but sometimes, the dryer may still stop mid-cycle without finishing the load. Check for displayed error codes, and follow these troubleshooting tips.

Check the Dryer Door Catch

One of the main reasons a dryer shuts off before the cycle is done is a faulty or broken dryer door catch. Find the catch on either the top of the dryer itself or inside the door, and make sure it isn't broken or missing. Shut the door, and listen for the sound of it catching. If the catch is broken, it is one of the most inexpensive dryer repair parts.

Test the Door Strike

The door strike is the part that strikes the door catch and holds the door shut during operation. The door strike can easily become bent under stress or repeated use and is also one of the easier parts to replace when performing dryer troubleshooting.

Inspect the Thermal Fuse

You might need to look a little deeper into the issue if the dryer door catch and strike are working and the dryer still won't run as it should. Find the thermal fuse, and make sure it hasn't tripped. The fuse is usually located on the dryer fan mounting. The fuse trips when the dryer becomes too hot, which usually means the vent is clogged or the damper is closed. If tripped, deal with the issue that caused it to trip, and replace the fuse.

Sears PartsDirect features an array of tools and parts for repairing your Haier dryer. To get started or find assistance, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.