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A modern necessity, dishwashers free you up from the time-consuming task of hand washing dishes. Keeping your Haier dishwasher in good working order is essential for today's busy lifestyle, and sparkling dishes and glassware are a must for entertaining. If your Haier dishwasher leaves streaks or spots on your dishes, these simple steps can help solve the problem.

Clean the Chopper Blade Area

Debris can become trapped in the chopper blade area of the dishwasher. This debris may interfere with the operation of a variety of dishwasher parts and leave the dishwasher filled with dirty dishes. Loud grinding noises are a sign that something may be caught in the chopper blade area. If the object is not removed, damage to the chopper blade can occur. To access the chopper blade area, remove the lower spray arm and sump. Replace the chopper blade if it is damaged.

Clean the Drain Path

Dirty water and debris exit the dishwasher through the drain path. This path includes the sump, pump, drain hose, air gap and sink drain. Any portion of the drain path can become clogged and cause the dirty water to remain in the dishwasher during the rinse cycle. This leaves the dishes dirty. Inspect each part of the drain path for clogs. Clear the clogs, and remove any debris to ensure clean dishes.

Replace the Detergent Dispenser

Inspect the detergent dispenser periodically. A broken latch can interfere with the release of the detergent, leading to dirty dishes. Replace the dispenser with a new dishwasher repair part that operates correctly to obtain the cleanest dishes.

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