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Gibson is a lesser known subsidiary of Electrolux, but its washers and appliances offer the same quality and reliability as their more famous counterparts. Although some washer noises are a normal part of the wash cycle, excessive noise or vibration can become irritating, and it may even signal an underlying issue. Complete these quick troubleshooting procedures for a noisy Gibson washer to ensure your appliance is in top condition.

Redistribute or Lighten the Wash Load

Although a moderate amount of gear noise and a few clunking sounds are normal, a squealing noise along with the smell of hot rubber may indicate an overloaded washer. Remove some of the load, and resume the wash cycle to see if the problem persists. If a top-loading washer is making a heavy thumping sound, the load is likely out of balance. Spread the clothes evenly in the spin basket before resuming the cycle.

Check the Spanner Nut

If the spanner nut loosens, the rotation of the spin basket becomes unbalanced, creating excessive noise or vibration. Tighten the spanner nut or use the correct washer parts to replace the spin basket if it has become damaged while spinning loose.

Move the Washer to an Even Surface

Your Gibson washer may vibrate excessively if it is not firmly planted on the floor, so move it to a smooth, level surface, and ensure that it's not standing on any hoses or cords. As well as following any additional instructions found when you seek washer repair help, use a wrench to adjust the washer's legs to equal lengths.

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