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Families trust in their Gibson cooktops for everything from cooking morning oatmeal to boiling pasta for dinner. Sometimes, however, the cooktop fails to operate and leaves your lunch in a lurch. If your cooktop doesn't come on or certain burners don't work, try these cooktop troubleshooting tips to put mealtime back on the menu.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Your home's circuit breaker may trip if there's an overload of power to particular appliances. If your cooktop fails to come on, the first cooktop troubleshooting tip to try is locating the circuit in your breaker box to see if it's in the off position. If you discover it is, flipping it to the correct position is likely to rectify the issue.

Check the Power Cord

If the circuit hasn't flipped, next try checking the power cable to your cooktop. Over time, cables can become worn or damaged. Your power cord may simply have come out of the outlet during cleaning. Test the outlet with another electronic device, and if it works, inspect the power cable carefully. If you find cracks or bare spots, replace the power cable immediately.

Replace the Electronic Control Board

The electronic control board activates surface burners, allowing you to control the cooking temperature while in use. If one of your burners elements fail to activate or one stays on when you've turned it off, the electronic control board is probably the problem. Replace this component with compatible cooktop parts.

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