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Households depend on GE dishwashers to make dishes shine, but even high-quality brands can lose some cleaning power over time. If your dishwasher leaves behind food particles or cleans poorly, read these tips to troubleshoot the most common causes.

Load Fewer Dishes

Improper loading frequently prevents the dishwasher from cleaning effectively, especially overloading. Before shopping for a new appliance or dishwasher parts, run a test load. Leave enough space between dishes so the water jets reach every inch. On the upper rack, place glasses face-down, and tilt glass opening towards the rack's center. On the lower rack, place plates between the tines and facing toward the center. If you have hard water, use a rinse agent or softener to improve cleaning efficiency and prevent film.

Check Water Pressure and Temperature

Weak water pressure and cold temperatures reduce cleaning efficiency. Run your kitchen sink, noting whether the tap has full water pressure and how long it takes to warm. Measure the temperature of a glass of water with a thermometer; the ideal temperature is between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tap is slow to warm, run the sink for several minutes before operating the dishwasher.

Clean the Chopper Blade

The chopper blade pulverizes food so that it can drain away. Small objects such as popcorn kernels can lodge in the chopper, lowering the water pressure and leaving debris on your dishes. The telltale sign of a clogged chopper blade is a grinding noise when the pump runs. To access the chopper, remove the lower spray arm and the upper sump section. Clear away debris, and inspect the blade for damage. Replace faulty blades and get additional dishwasher repair help from Sears PartsDirect.

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