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Your GE cooktop is a reliable workhorse when it comes to providing consistent operation so you can feed your family or guests delicious meals. Sometimes, however, you turn on a burner and only hear a clicking noise, with no heat or flame. On the rare occasions when this occurs, a little do-it-yourself repair work and troubleshooting can make all the difference.

Wait for the Burner to Dry

If you've spilled any liquids on your burner, the igniter switch can get wet and short out. This can also happen when you use water or other liquids to clean your cooktop. Give the igniter a little time to dry out and try again. Chances are, it starts just fine after a few minutes. If it still won't start, you have a little more cooktop troubleshooting to do.

Check the Igniter Switch

The cooktop spark igniter switch makes an electrical connection when turned on. That connection in turn produces a spark that causes the natural gas to ignite. This igniter feature means you save money because you don't have to keep a pilot light continuously lit. If your burners don't spark when the cooktop knobs are turned on, replace the igniter switch. The switch may also need replacing if the igniter doesn't stop sparking when it should.

Replace the Cooktop Spark Module

This module is one of the vital cooktop parts of your GE gas cooktop. It provides the electricity that the spark igniter needs to light the gas and produce a flame. If it doesn't make the required electrical condition, replace this part.

Sears PartsDirect can provide all the replacement parts you might need to keep your GE cooktop working in top condition. After you know what part you need, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.