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Garden Maid Tiller Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Garden Maid Tiller models


Model 1001A (39 parts)

Gas, Front tine tiller


Model 1001 (35 parts)

Gas, Front tine tiller


Garden tillers are an effective means of loosening packed dirt, aerating soil and preparing the ground for planting. Garden Maid tiller parts help to keep your tiller up and running, but they may have to be repaired or replaced if the tiller isn't starting properly.

Check the Carburetor

Most tiller troubleshooting starts with an inspection of the carburetor. On a gas-operated tiller, the carburetor mixes gasoline with outside air to achieve the optimum mix for combustion. If the carburetor is old, clogged, dirty or damaged, the flow of air or fuel may be disrupted. This can prevent the tiller from starting at all, or it may interfere with the way it runs during use.

Inspect the Drive Belt

If your tiller is starting up but the wheels or tines aren't moving, the culprit may be a worn or broken drive belt. This component delivers power from the motor to the tiller's moving parts, and it can slip or tear. Check the belt to make sure it's present, hasn't developed cracks or started crumbling with age, and that it is able to freely roll over its gears.

Look at the Tines

If your tiller doesn't have any obvious problems in operation, but it doesn't seem to be turning the soil effectively, you might have a broken or bent tiller blade. This frequently happens when the blade suffers damage from hitting a rock or other solid object. This is one of the most common tiller repair parts to need replacement.

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