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Frigidaire wall ovens deliver ample heat for even cooking, and the appliances are an essential part of many home kitchens. Common problems that may arise during use of Frigidaire wall oven units include uneven heating that causes unwanted hot spots, doors that refuse to unlock and ovens that do not heat at all.

Check the Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is one of the Frigidaire wall oven parts that is most likely responsible for uneven heating or failure to heat properly. The sensor detects the level of heat inside the oven, and it no longer provides accurate readings when it fails. Check the sensor by setting the thermostat to a specific temperature and using an oven-safe thermometer to monitor the oven as it heats. Uneven heating with temperature spikes or drops and the inability to maintain the correct temperature likely means a sensor problem.

Inspect the Igniter

When users begin wall oven repair troubleshooting, inspecting the igniter can help solve many issues. An igniter that fails to reach the correct temperature or does not glow at all prevents normal operation of the oven. Replace this component if it fails to warm appropriately.

Check the Oven Wiring

Doors may become stuck in the locked position due to wiring issues between the door lock assembly and the electronic control board. Either of these wall oven parts may be at fault, but the wiring between them can break or fray, leading to doors that do not open. Fixing loose or frayed wires helps identify if the electrical signals or the components themselves are the problem.

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