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Walk-behind Lawn Mower Frigidaire
Frigidaire Walk-behind Lawn Mower Parts

Frigidaire Walk-behind Lawn Mower Parts

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Best known for its home appliances, Frigidaire is a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on value and quality. Homeowners trust Frigidaire walk-behind lawn mowers to groom their lawns every season, but a number of issues can cause the mower to produce a jagged, spotty or uneven cut. Use replacement mower parts from Sears PartsDirect and some helpful troubleshooting tips to enjoy a clean-cut lawn once again.

Adjust the Wheel Height

If all four of your lawn mower's wheels are not set to the same height, the mower produces an uneven cut. Adjust the wheels according to the owner's manual, and be careful not to set them too low as this can scalp the lawn.

Sharpen or Replace the Blade

A dull or damaged blade produces a messy cut, so turn your Frigidaire mower on its side to check the blade's condition. Remove the blade to sharpen it if it is dull, or tighten the blade's bolts if they are loose to prevent wobbling during cutting. If the blade is nicked, bent or broken after hitting a rock or other hard object, search lawn mower parts for a compatible replacement.

Clean the Mower Deck

When damp grass and other debris collect on the underside of the mower deck, it can hinder the blade's movement. For quick lawn mower repair help, turn the mower on its side, and scrape off the buildup. Remember to turn off the engine and pull the spark plug boot to keep the blade from turning on while you're working

Trust Sears PartsDirect to provide the parts you need to get your Frigidaire mower back on the lawn. If you have a question or are searching for a certain repair part, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.