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Footedana products make it easy to keep your lawn well-manicured, whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or a lawn care professional. However, when your mower isn't cutting evenly, the result can sabotage even a landscaping pro's best efforts. Footedana riding mower and tractor parts help eliminate the streaks caused by uneven cutting so that your lawn can once again be the envy of the neighborhood.

Replace the Assembly

The mandrel assembly is one of the key riding mower parts that keep your riding mower tractor working properly. When your mower isn't cutting evenly, a faulty or worn mandrel assembly could be to blame. Noise from the motor deck while the motor is running is another sign of a damaged assembly. Replace the assembly to get your mower back in working condition.

Replace the Blade

For optimal performance and even cutting, replace riding mower tractor blades every year. When you notice that your mower is cutting unevenly or not at all, it's a sign that the blade is worn down. Replace the blade annually to ensure even cutting throughout the life of your mower.

Tune Up the Engine

Often of the best lawn tractor repair help is to simply give your mower tractor engine a tune-up. Routine maintenance, such as replacing the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs, can keep your mower working efficiently and cutting evenly. Cleaning the engine cooling fins is an important part of the tune-up, as is checking the battery, ignition, spark plug and carburetor.

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