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Avid cleaners rely on Eureka vacuum parts to ensure that their vacuum cleaners stay in shape and last long. A common problem that arises in vacuum cleaners is diminishing suction quality. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot suction problems in your vacuum.

Check the Bag

The quickest and easiest fix for a suction problem is to replace the vacuum bag. A full bag can prevent your vacuum from picking up any additional trash and dirt from your floor. Before you consider replacing vacuum parts, check your vacuum bag and replace it if it's full. Make sure you get the right size bag for your vacuum because an ill-fitting bag can generate more suction complications in your vacuum.

Check the Hose

Suction problems in your vacuum can be an indicator that the hose is clogged, typically by dust particles tangled in hair or fur. Inspect your vacuum's hose and if there's a clog, remove it along with any other debris to improve your vacuum's suction quality.

Replace the Suction Motor

If the hose isn't clogged and the vacuum bag isn't full, consider replacing the suction motor of your vacuum. The suction motor is responsible for rotating the fan, which generates suction by displacing air from the intake mechanism to the chamber that holds the dirt. The suction motor should be replaced if it doesn't work at all or if it isn't generating suction. Seek vacuum repair help before attempting to replace the suction motor.

Problems with suction do not indicate the end of your vacuum. Whether it's a clog or a malfunctioning suction motor, Sears PartsDirect provides an array of parts to assist you in all of your vacuum repair needs. Choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.