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Estate dishwashers are designed for economy and efficiency, enabling you to get the most for your investment. Issues with the dishwasher such as leaks or incomplete wash cycles can inhibit performance. These tips can help you maintain the machine and troubleshoot problems before they become serious.

Clean the Dishwasher

Clean your dishwasher regularly to keep it functioning smoothly. Use a cloth or brush to clean around the door seal and door hinge, especially if you notice leaks or problems closing the door. If the dishwasher won't fill, look for debris that could be preventing the overfill valve from operating correctly. Clean around the chopper blade, especially if you notice loud grinding noises during operation. If the blade is damaged, install replacement dishwasher parts before running another cycle.

Inspect the Water-Delivery System

Leaks, loud noises, ineffective cleaning and fill problems can all be signs of a water-supply issue. Before you call for dishwasher repair, inspect the water hoses at the back of the unit. Check for cracks in the hoses, drain line and water inlet valve.

Check the Power Supply

Problems with your power supply can prevent the dishwasher from starting or cause it to stop in the middle of a cycle. If you don't see illuminated lights on the front panel, make sure the power outlet is functioning and look for damage to the cord. Verify that the dishwasher hasn't tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse. If power is moving to the dishwasher but it won't function, you may need a new control board, door latch assembly, thermal fuse or cycle selector switch.

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