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Essick Humidifier Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Essick Humidifier models

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Model EP9 (8 parts)


Model EP9R (9 parts)


Avoid overly dry air in your home with a humidifier from Essick. These hard-working humidifiers help you control the humidity inside, assuring comfort when you relax at home. They typically include multiple settings, so you can precisely control how the piece works to ensure the perfect level of moisture in the air.

Attractive Styles

Essick makes humidifiers in a variety of styles, including traditional appliance styles that stand out. Many of the larger options can blend in seamlessly with different wood colors and designs, since they are colored and styled to resemble cabinets or side tables. With these eye-catching models, you get all of the benefits of a humidifier without affecting the overall look of your home.

Multiple Sizes

Small portable humidifiers that use three or fewer gallons of water during use are available, including some models that are small enough to fit on a table or use effectively in a small room. Larger sizes that can hold over five gallons are ideal for large rooms or to cover an entire house with one unit. The models also have different shapes, such as taking up vertical space instead of horizontal, so you can pick the style that fits your needs.

Included Air Filters

Some humidifiers include air filters that ensure the humidified air is clean and comfortable to breathe. When these filters need replacement, look to Sears PartsDirect for a large selection of humidifier repair parts to ensure you keep a consistent, high level of air quality with your appliance.

Keep your Essick humidifier running smoothly with basic maintenance and repairs. For DIY repairs and to find the part you require, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.