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Eskimo Range Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Eskimo Range models

Model JP300N3AD (38 parts)



Experienced cooks and home chefs both expect their gas or electric range tops to activate on command and work reliably. When a fault develops in the electrical system, however, the range may fail to ignite. Use new Eskimo range parts to get your stove back into full working order.

Change the Electrode

The surface igniter electrode is an insulated electrical component that is used in place of a pilot light to ignite gas ranges. Failure to spark prevents the burner from firing up, though the igniter is one of the easier stove repair parts to replace. Install a new igniter if the old one shows any signs of damage.

Replace the Igniter Switch

The burner spark igniter switch connects the various range parts to trigger a smooth ignition. This switch is mounted to a relatively long wire that carries the ignition signal to the spark module. Replace this part if the wires are stiff, brittle or cracked, as a short cuts power to the target module.

Check the Spark Module

Once the signal to ignite is sent down the spark ignition switch, the ignition spark module activates and feeds power to the electrodes. This activates the burners, though the module may not convey current if it has shorted or worn out with age. Part of gas and electric range DIY repair help is to isolate where the faulty component is located, which can often be done for the module with a simple visual inspection.

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