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Emco Lathe Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 6 Emco Lathe models

Model COMPACT 10 (417 parts)


Model COMPACT 8 (348 parts)


Model MAXIMAT MENTOR 10 (696 parts)



Model MAXIMAT V13 (529 parts)


Model MAXIMAT V10-P (696 parts)


Functional and powerful, EMCO lathes offer top-of-the-line performance for a variety of turning needs. These high-tech lathes incorporate professional-level technology to enable maximum precision for every project. Each machine is carefully manufactured and calibrated to provide stability, so you can achieve accurate results.

Stable Designs

EMCO lathes are built with wide, sturdy frames to provide the stability for precision turning, whether you're working in a garage or an industrial facility. Each model is designed to eliminate vibration during operation, allowing accurate cuts and flawless surface finishing. The lathe parts work seamlessly together to provide the smooth, controlled motion that is necessary for detailed projects.

Compact Frames

Many EMCO lathes, including those in the Emcomat series, are designed with efficiency in mind. Their compact cases make efficient use of available space, so you can carry out complicated turning tasks in a small work areas. Each lathe features a full feature set and user-friendly control panel layout for easy operation in any space.

Custom Configurations

No two turning projects are the same, so many EMCO lathes enable fast configuration changes. Some models feature interchangeable controls for faster training and easier operation, while others allow multiple software modules. Many EMCO products come with swiveling displays that adjust to your working style. Most lathes use a universal setup, giving you greater flexibility in tool selection and material type.

The high pressure and constant motion of turning applications can wear down an EMCO lathe, preventing it from performing as designed. Fix problems and replace worn parts with manufacturer-approved items from Sears PartsDirect. To find a repair part for an EMCO lathe, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.