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Electrolux wall ovens are a popular option for adding additional oven space to a kitchen that already has a traditional range. While these ovens are known for quality and durability, problems can still develop over time, especially with heavy use in a busy kitchen. If your Electrolux is having some issues with overcooked or undercooked food, check out these tips for help in solving the problem.

Inspect the Oven Elements

Replacing the oven elements is a relatively common wall oven repair that most homeowners can handle. Disconnect the electricity, and examine the bake and broil elements carefully to identify any damage. Some Electrolux wall ovens have a third element paired with a convection fan. Examine this element as well. To confirm proper functioning of all the elements, uninstall them and test for broken circuits with a multimeter device.

Check the Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor measures the heat in the oven interior. This data is used to turn the heating elements on and off to maintain precise oven temperatures. A faulty or inaccurate sensor causes substantial heat management problems. Temperature sensors are among the many wall oven parts available from Sears PartsDirect.

Test the Convection Fans

Many Electrolux wall ovens are outfitted with convection fans, which circulate air within the oven to cook food more evenly and in less time than a conventional oven. If the fans aren't working properly, undercooked food is a likely result. Use the control panel to turn on the convection fans, and make sure they operate at full strength. If a fan has stopped working, a new fan motor or fan assembly may be required.

Sears PartsDirect stocks convection fans, temperature sensors and heating elements to help you maintain your Electrolux wall oven. To find what you need for your maintenance, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.