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Electrolux dryers equipped to deal with heavy loads are known for drying your clothes quickly and efficiently while being versatile enough to dry delicate items without damaging them. But sometimes problems arise, such as clothes still damp after a spin cycle. This may be prevented with regular maintenance procedures, but is could also signal other problems.

Do Some Regular Maintenance

It's normal in mixed loads for some items to still be damp after a cycle, but if the whole load is still wet, perform this regular maintenance task before checking for faulty parts in the dryer. Remove accumulated lint from the vent tube that runs from the dryer to the outside. Trapped lint increases drying times and can become a fire hazard.

Make Sure the Dryer Timer Is Working

The timer on the control panel allows the setting of spin time. The timer's internal mechanisms open and close circuits that control various functions in the dryer's motor and the heating element. If the dryer doesn't start or heat properly or if the timer doesn't keep the spin time properly, select the proper replacement timer from dryer repair parts.

Check the Operating Thermostat

A second dryer troubleshooting option is to inspect the operating thermostat that keeps a continuous measure of the temperature inside the dryer drum. It regulates the heating source to keep temperature at the level the spinning cycle is set for. If the thermostat isn't working properly, it can't control the heat source, leading to inconsistent heating.

With cycles that dry efficiently and quickly without overheating or damaging clothes, Electrolux dryers are known for top performance. But if issues with functions arise, Sears PartsDirect's repair parts can help you fix any problem. Simply select the model type from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698 for assistance.