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Edgestar Washer/dryer Combo Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 6 Edgestar Washer/dryer Combo models

Model SW5L65D (147 parts)


Model CWD1510S (62 parts)


Model CWD1510W (62 parts)


Model SW5L70D (146 parts)


Model SW5L30D (148 parts)


Model SW5L40D (133 parts)


Efficient and space-saving, an Edgestar washer and dryer stands as one unit, allowing for more space in a home's laundry room or area. Ideal for small apartments, campers and small spaces, an Edgestar washer and dryer is a good fit for any home or dwelling, eliminating the need for messy dryer connections in addition to saving space.

Ventless Technology

An all in one washer dryer manufactured by Edgestar requires no dryer vents. Instead, the washer works as any washer would normally, and the dryer works by drying the clothes in the same drum using cold-water condensation drying. Instead of requiring a dryer vent, the water extracted from the drying cycle leaves the washer and dryer via the standard washer hose.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

An Edgestar washer dryer combo requires very little maintenance, in part because of its lack of many washer and dryer connectors. These small units typically handle up to 2 cubic feet of clothes washing and drying, and are ideal for apartments, condominiums, RVs and campers, boats, shared living and hair salons.

Repair Assistance Is Available

Even the most durable and efficient washer and dryer requires some repair, especially after prolonged use. Repair help is available when your machine breaks down and needs replacement parts quickly. Sears PartsDirect has a large catalog of repair parts for an Edgestar washer and dryer, including hoses, clamps, panels and valves.

Because the Edgestar washer and dryer is an essential appliance in your household, you need it to be working durably and efficiently all the time. To learn about routine maintenance for your appliance or to browse replacement parts, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call Sears PartsDirect at 1-800-252-1698.