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Echo Leaf Blower Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Echo Leaf Blower models

Model PB-265L (170 parts)



Leaf blowers help keep yards, porches and driveways clear of fallen leaves during autumn and are also useful for clearing away stray grass clippings in the spring or summer. Without proper maintenance, however, blowers can begin to run rough. These simple maintenance tips can help you keep your fuel system running smoothly throughout the year.

Check for Fuel System Damage

Check leaf blower parts that are part of the fuel system, such as the fuel lines and tanks, for any cracks or weak points. Replace or repair any damage to prevent leaking gas. This preserves your gas, resulting in less waste and preventing outside debris from contaminating the fuel, so the fuel mixture runs more smoothly.

Regularly Replace Filters

During your leaf blower troubleshooting process, examine the fuel filter for damage. Under normal usage, replace the filter once a year to ensure the fuel stays clean during use. To keep additional strain off of the engine, regularly clean or replace the air filter in the engine as well.

Use the Proper Oil and Fuel Ratio

Consult your user manual to find the right ratio and type of oil and fuel when refilling the blower's fuel tank. Using the incorrect ratio can lead to a damaged engine, smoking and overheating, so it is important to use an accurate ratio. During long-term storage, completely empty out the fuel tank and run the tool until all of the extra fuel has been used.

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