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Dynasty gas ranges offer homeowners the cooking performance and durability more commonly found in professional kitchens. However, several issues may affect the performance of your Dynasty cooktop over time. If you're having trouble achieving consistently high temperatures, follow these maintenance tips to get your cooktop performing normally again.

Clean the Burners

The most common cause for poor burner performance is a dirty burner assembly. To clean the burners, first turn off electrical power to the range. Remove the grates and grate support from the cooktop. Detach the burners and disassemble any burner attachments. Clean the parts in hot, soapy water with a non-abrasive pad. Remove obstructions from the burner flame ports with a straight pin. Allow the burners to dry thoroughly before reassembling.

Adjust the Air Shutters

If a good cleaning has not solved your problem, continue your cooktop troubleshooting by checking the air shutters on your burners. Air shutters regulate the mixture of air and gas that flows through the burner to the cooking flame. A flame with too little air shows yellowing at its tip and produces excess soot. Increase the air shutter opening until yellowing is eliminated. A flame with too much air rises noticeably above the burner port. Reduce the air shutter opening until the flame falls back to emerge from the port.

Check Airflow to the Air Shutters

Make sure that the burner assembly and grate support are properly assembled and properly aligned to allow airflow to reach the air shutters. Examine the burners, burner attachments, orifice hoods, burner tubes and any other related cooktop parts to ensure they are positioned as the user manual instructs.

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