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Douglas Vacuum Parts

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A clean house starts with a clean carpet, and home and business owners alike rely on quality Douglas Vacuum parts to keep their vacuums running optimally. Common issues with vacuums most often arise from improper suction, which can lead to inefficient dirt pickup. Here are three simple fixes to help solve these problems.

Check for Clogs

If your vacuum is not picking up dirt as well as it used to, first check its internal air path and hose for clogs. Clogs in the internal air path or hose of the vacuum reduce its suction power. Also check the vacuum's bag, and replace it if it is full.

Replace Vacuum Brush Roll

Overtime, hair and debris can build up in your vacuum's brush roll, causing less efficient dirt removal or a short in the power brush's motor. To solve this problem, look to quality Douglas vacuum parts. If the bristles are worn, the brush roll cannot deep-clean the carpet, but you can fix this issue by replacing it.

Replace Vacuum Suction Motor

The vacuum's suction motor takes air from the intake at the cleaning head to the dirt collection bag by rotating the fan and creating suction. If the motor doesn't properly create suction or stops functioning entirely, it is recommended that you replace it. Seek out vacuum repair help from Sears PartsDirect for assistance with making these repairs, or call a qualified technician if you are wary of performing the repair yourself.

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