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Distiller-Shetland Water Treatment Equipment Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Distiller-Shetland Water Treatment Equipment models

Model WD-1 (24 parts)


A tiller saves time and money in the garden, but only when it is working properly. Rough-running or leaking engines could be a sign of a serious problem. With the tips below and Distiller Shetland water treatment equipment parts, you can eliminate downtime in the garden and keep your tiller running like new.

Check for Gas Leaks

Gas leaks in outdoor equipment are commonly linked to problems in the fuel lines. Tiller troubleshooting guidelines recommend checking the lines for cracks or abrasions that cause leaks. Replace any damaged parts of the fuel supply system and make sure all lines are connected securely.

Check for Oil Leaks

If your tiller leaves oil stains on the garage floor, a faulty oil drain plug is the simplest explanation, but oil leaks are often related to leaky gaskets. Examine the sump gasket and the head gasket for possible leak locations, as well as the seals and gaskets in the carburetor, and replace any damaged parts.

Clean the Carburetor

When your tiller motor loses the smoothness it had when you bought it, the issue usually lies within the carburetor. In many cases, a simple carburetor cleaning or a tune-up clears up any roughness or sputtering in the engine. Spark plugs, an air filter and a carburetor rebuild kit are the typical tiller repair parts you need to service the motor at home. Carburetors that are severely clogged or extremely varnished should be replaced with a new unit.

Whether you're planting a small flower bed or sowing a community vegetable garden, you want your tiller to be in excellent working condition. With Sears PartsDirect, it's easy to keep your equipment in shape. Choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698