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Many homeowners rely on a walk-behind lawn mower to keep the grass lush, healthy and neat. However, even workhorse mowers by brands such as Dewalt can have problems cutting evenly after years of solid service. If your lawn mower is leaving behind uncut patches, ragged grass ends or uneven stripes, read these maintenance tips to fix a mower that isn't cutting properly.

Level the Wheels

A lawn mower deck that isn't level may cut the grass too short or leave behind uneven stripes. Leveling the mower is an easy maintenance task that requires no additional lawn mower parts. Move the mower to a flat, even surface, checking that the wheels are set to the same height. If the mower cuts the grass so short that the root stems are exposed also called "scalping" — raise the cutting height.

Sharpen the Blade

A dull blade tears grass tips, leaving them tattered. These damaged grass ends wither quickly, turning your lush lawn brown. To get the green back, remove the blade after disconnecting the spark plug for safety. Sharpen it to get a clean, straight cut. Sears PartsDirect provides step-by-step instructions for blade removal, along with other lawn mower repair help.

Balance the Blade

If your mower leaves behind strips of uncut grass or cuts unevenly, the blade may be imbalanced. The telltale sign of an imbalanced blade is heavy vibration during operation, which can also rattle parts loose inside of the mower. A blade balancing kit can help you determine which direction the blade is tilting. To correct the imbalance, sharpen the heavier end until the blade is level on the blade balancer.

Whether it's time for a new blade or other replacement part, Sears PartsDirect helps you get it done. Just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.