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Danby Washer Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Danby Washer models

Model SWM5500W (117 parts)



Model DWM5500W (118 parts)



Made with efficient wash cycles and powerful spin technology, Danby washers effortlessly remove dirt and stains from your clothing. Unexpected leaks, incomplete cycles or unusual noises can indicate a problem with the machine. Use these tips to identify the problem and determine the best solution.

Check for Water Problems

Leaks and filling problems can result from damage to the water supply or the machine. Check to ensure that the water hoses are connected tightly. Run your hand along the hoses, feeling for cracks, holes and leaks. Then, look for damage to the door boot or the exterior wash tub. If you don't find damage, you may need to replace one of the washer parts that controls and holds water, such as the water inlet valve, water-level pressure switch or the outer wash tub.

Examine the Electricity Supply

When your Danby machine stops working completely, verify that the power outlet is working. If electricity is flowing, start a cycle. A machine that has power but won't operate often needs a new electronic control board, control panel or user interface. Another potential culprit is a faulty door lock as if the door doesn't lock correctly, the machine won't start. For safety, seek professional washer repair help to fix electricity-related problems.

Eliminate Load Problems

An unbalanced load of clothing can cause your washer to vibrate or make unusual noises. If the load is balanced but you still hear noises, look for damage to the spin basket. Other causes can be a cracked suspension spring or a loose spanner nut. If you've owned your washer for years, check the shock absorber for excessive wear.

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