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Danby Dryer Parts

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Model SCD5505W (93 parts)



Danby has been manufacturing compact home appliances since 1947. Danby dryers are built for a lifetime of dependable service and are designed to fit your lifestyle. A common issue with dryers is failure to heat. Use these three troubleshooting tips to address this problem.

Check the Heater Relay

On some dryer models, the electronic control board controls a heater relay. If the drum turns but the machine does not heat, the heater relay has failed. To test the heater relay, unplug the dryer and do a resistance test on the heater relay coil. If the coil has very high resistance or is open, buy a replacement from Sears PartsDirect's selection of dryer repair parts.

Check the Dryer Thermostat

The dryer thermostat senses the air temperature inside the machine and regulates it so that it stays around 150 degrees Fahrenheit when set to normal. It regulates by controlling the heating element. If a multimeter test at R X 1 fails to produce a result of "0" when hooked up to the thermostat at room temperature, the thermostat has failed. Replace it with a new one from Sears PartsDirect.

Replace the Dryer Igniter

When dryer troubleshooting, check to make sure the dryer igniter is generating enough heat to start the burner ignition sequence. Use a multi-tester to test the ohms of resistance coming from the terminals of the igniter. If the reading is not between 50 and 400 ohms, the igniter needs to be replaced.

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