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Families rely on their Dacor dishwashers to give them more time together, as this appliance eases the stress of after-meal cleanup. When your dishwasher stops mid-cycle, though, it can lead to the time-consuming task of finishing the job by hand. Try these troubleshooting and repair steps when your dishwasher stops mid-cycle to get your appliance back in action quickly.

Check the Circuit Breaker

The first step in dishwasher troubleshooting is checking to see if the light switch that controls dishwasher power has been flipped to the off position. If not, check your home's circuit breaker panel to see if the circuit controlling the dishwasher has flipped. If so, flip it back to its normal position, and restart your dishwasher.

Check the Door Latch Assembly

Another problem that can cause mid-cycle dishwasher stops is an improperly latched door. The appliance won't operate if the door isn't latched, so latch assembly defects mean you need to replace this component immediately with compatible dishwasher parts. Even if the door latches, there can still be issues with a defective micro-switch, requiring replacement.

Replace the Control Panel

Sometimes, dishwashers fail mid-cycle due to a stuck button on the control panel. Some models feature an indicator light that flashes constantly when a button stick. Other signs this may be your problem include a control panel that's visibly damaged or loose. If this is the issue, dishwasher repair requires this component be replaced.

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