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Dacor cooktops come in both electric and gas models, giving home chefs precise heating control. Occasionally, cooktops have problems with the heating element or igniters, causing the burners to fail. Keep your cooktop running with these maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Clean the Igniter

Dirty igniters can cause the heating elements to behave erratically. One of the first cooktop troubleshooting methods is to clean each component. Locate the cleaning brush that arrived with the cooktop, and use it to remove debris from each igniter surface. If your igniter is covered in a layer of grease, dip the brush lightly in rubbing alcohol before cleaning. Use gentle pressure to avoid damaging the delicate elements.

Dry the Switches

Water from cleaning or spills can work its way onto the cooktop's igniter switches, causing a clicking sound when the burner is turned on. When you hear clicking, turn off the heat, and wait until the cooktop cools. Remove the top panel and set it aside. Allow the internal components to dry completely, replace the top, and turn the burner on. If it heats silently, a wet switch is likely to blame. If the clicking sound returns, contact a repair professional to replace the damaged cooktop parts.

Clean the Burners

Regular cleaning can keep your burners running smoothly. Use a small wire to clear debris from the holes in the burner rings, making sure not to bend the edges. Disassemble the burner parts with guidance from your manual, coat a firm-bristled toothbrush with a small amount of rubbing alcohol, and brush gently over each surface. Rinse each part and lay out to dry before reassembling.

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