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Homemakers and singles alike rely on their Crosley cooktops for meal preparation, and convenient replacement parts keep this essential piece of kitchen equipment operating optimally. One common issue that arises is when the cooktop fails to power on. Use these handy tips to discover and fix the issue before your next big meal.

Check the Power Cord

When beginning the cooktop troubleshooting process, first check the power cord. Cords on older cooktops can deteriorate, so you should check the insulation for cracks and bare spots, and remember that internal breaks in the wiring can damage the cord as well. If you see visible damage, replace the power cord to correct the power problem.

Replace the Pressure Regulator

Gas-operated cooktop burners use pressure regulators to control the amount of gas that goes to the burner. Gas pressure that's too high or low prevents the burners from igniting properly, causing the flame to increase when too high or not light at all when too low. If the pressure regulator isn't operating properly, use cooktop parts to replace it.

Replace the Electronic Control Board

If your cooktop features an electronic control board and the elements don't come on, the electronic control board likely needs to be replaced. Check to see if one or more elements work by turning the knobs, and if any of them don't receive power, replace the electronic control board.

Sears PartsDirect offers a wide selection of replacement parts you can use to repair your Crosley cooktop, ensuring optimum, uninterrupted operation. To find the right fit for your needs, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.