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Your Caloric dishwasher helps you speed up your daily chores by reducing the amount of time you spend on kitchen cleanup, but when your dishwasher won't fill up, you're left having to wash your dishes by hand until your identify and fix the problem. Run through these troubleshooting tips to discover the best course of action for repairing your dishwasher.

Inspect Your Dishwasher

Two common dishwasher parts to check when your dishwasher doesn't fill are the water supply cut-off valve and the overfill float. First, ensure the water supply valve is open, and if it is, check the overfill float to see if it's moving up and down freely. Sometimes objects become stuck underneath the overfill float, and when it's in its highest position, it won't allow the fill valve to operate properly.

Check the Water Inlet Valve

The next step in dishwasher repair for failure to fill is checking the water inlet valve. This valve, also called the solenoid fill valve, opens and closes to control the flow of water into the dishwasher. When it doesn't open, no water flows, and when it only opens partially, the dishwasher won't completely fill. If this component doesn't operate properly, replace it immediately.

Replace the Water Inlet Assembly

Mounted on the side of the dishwasher tub near the water inlet valve, the water inlet assembly receives water from the valve and moves it into the dishwasher through a vented opening. Common causes of under filling are a clogged vent or connecting hose in this assembly. If you discover a clog, this part should be repaired by a professional or replaced completely.

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