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Bosch washers ensure clothes stay fresh and clean after getting dirty through regular or hard use. However, over time washers can develop an odor or mold that makes the appliance unpleasant to use. Using the proper parts and following these simple tips prevents unflattering smells and keeps laundry smelling pleasant.

Run a Chlorine Wash

Run a full wash cycle with one to two cups of chlorine bleach. The strong chemical destroys the germs and bacteria that build up on washer parts and cause mold or odors. A hot wash also dissolves any detergent built up so it can wash away and leave the washer cleaner. If necessary, run a second wash cycle to remove any remaining bleach and avoid damaging clothes.

Check for Small, Stuck Items

This piece of washer repair help ensures no cloth is left behind to grow bacteria or mold. Check in crevices and corners where different parts meet to ensure no small items such as socks, underwear or wash cloths are stuck. The door seal is a key place to check since the flexible material can trap smaller pieces.

Clean Lid or Door

A washer-safe nonabrasive cleanser and a soft cloth should be used on stock and Bosch repair parts to prevent accidentally damaging the appliance. Use the cleanser and cloth to gently wipe around the door or lid, including the seal, to remove build-up or stains from hard water. Keeping the door open when not in use helps prevent further build-up.

Sears PartsDirect stocks a variety of parts to keep Bosch washers running smoothly and make repairs simpler. To find the parts to fit your appliance, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.