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Bosch is a leader in the high-end appliance industry best known for its German-engineered large appliances, but the brand also produces small appliances such as vacuum cleaners. Although these devices are built to last, certain issues can take away your vacuum's suction power, leaving you with dirty floors. Try these quick fixes before taking your vacuum to a repair center.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Many Bosch vacuums have an exhaust filter and a HEPA filter that can hinder suction if they aren't replaced or cleaned regularly. Rinse the exhaust filter in warm water, and let it air-dry before putting it back in the vacuum. The HEPA filter cannot be washed, so search vacuum parts for a compatible replacement at least once a year.

Remove Blockages

A foreign object that becomes lodged in the vacuum hose is a common cause for decreased performance. Remove the hose, and use a wire hanger to clear any debris. For more vacuum repair help, make sure that the hose itself has not been damaged by the blockage, creating a gap in the airflow.

Check the Collection Bag or Canister

A full bag or canister blocks the vacuum's air path and puts extra strain on the motor, so make sure the dust collector is empty before trying to vacuum again. Also check the bag for holes or tears, and replace it if necessary. Empty the dust bag after every use to keep your vacuum working well and avoid the need for costly Bosch repair parts in the long term.

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