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Bontempi Audio Equipment Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 3 Bontempi Audio Equipment models

Model H558 (47 parts)

Musical instrument


Model H552 (47 parts)

Musical instrument


Model 552 (39 parts)

Musical instrument


Bontempi electronic organs provide clear, high-quality sound and an ease of use that cannot be rivaled. Whether a beginner or an expert musician, Bontempi electronic organs will be sure to make your musical experience a great one.

Superior Sound Quality

Bontempi electronic organs produce a clear and resonating sound. The renowned sound quality has the ability to fill a room or headset; the high-quality audio parts make such a sound possible. The amplifier, in combination with dual-speakers, takes the music you create to the next level. You will never mistake a C for a G on a Bontempi electronic organ.

Wide Range of Sounds and Songs

From basic piano play such as a classical concerto to inventing your own unique musical creations, Bontempi electronic organs will not disappoint. A wide range of sounds are available through use of the rhythm and demo buttons. It is also equipped with a sequencer that allows you to play back previous recorded material.

Update and Repair to Maintain a Superior Product

No matter how sturdy, years of play on your Bontempi electronic organ could still lead to minor problems with stereo equipment parts. If your Bontempi electronic organ needs to be brought up to a better working condition, there is help at Sears Parts Direct, which offers a number of models and replacement parts so your Bontempi will never falter.

Bontempi electronic organs will enhance your musical abilities for many years to come. It is easy to keep your Bontempi in great condition by updating parts and remaining current on repairs through Sears PartsDirect. Just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.