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Don't let a broken lawn mower keep you from showing off your lawn. When a walk-behind mower won't start or won't move forward, often there is a quick fix that simply requires the correct parts. Sears PartsDirect has both parts and guides to keep your Bolens mower in great shape and your lawn looking prim and proper.

Check the Carburetor For Clogs

The carburetor is one of a few lawn mower parts that has to be replaced if it becomes clogged. To check for a clogged carburetor, listen as you start the mower engine. If the mower sputters and dies, it means the engine isn't getting the correct mix of air and fuel. This could mean you need to replace the carburetor.

Make Sure There Is Fresh Gas In the Tank

One of the most common problems with a walk-behind lawn mower is it simply needs more gas. It's important to make sure the gas in your mower is fresh because fuel that has been sitting too long becomes stale and sometimes difficult to ignite.

Replace the Drive Control Cable

A pinched or cut drive control cable can prevent your mower from starting. Sometimes, the mower may start and not move, or it may move very slowly. These are all signs your drive control cable needs to be replaced. Sears PartsDirect has detailed lawn mower repair help guides to help with this maintenance tip.

Having a walk-behind mower that isn't working properly can turn your nice lawn into a wild grassland. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by staying on top of your lawn mower repairs with Bolens walk-behind mower parts from Sears Parts Direct. Just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.